In the past couple of decades, the way we take and store pics has changed. Before the age of digital cameras and wireless devices, people were required to have their film developed if they wanted copies of the pictures that they took. Now we have digital cameras, and while there are still many people who do print their pics, there are many other things you can do with them now that can give you fun and exciting new ways to preserve those precious memories forever. If you are a member of a social networking site, such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you can upload any pics you have from your camera, computer, or mobile device. You can sort them into folders or albums that will keep them organized and accessible for other people to see. If you are wanting to just keep your pics somewhere safe so that they are not accidentally deleted from your device, then you can use upload sites like PhotoBucket to save your images online. If you are looking to do something more active with your memories, check out websites dedicated to making the most out of your pics, like Shutterfly. You can use your pictures to create wonderful gifts and keepsakes like photo albums, calendars, mugs, and more– all featuring your wonderful and unforgettable memories! So get out your digital camera, smartphone, or tablet, and start to take more pictures! There is no better way to keep the important things that have happened in our lives accessible at the touch of a finger! Develop your new favorite hobby by going through your digital pictures and sorting them, printing them, or having them made into sentimental gifts. No matter what you choose to do with your pics, it is always a fun time going back through and reliving those moments!

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