Many girls wish to get sexy hairs, without using any kind of hair dryers or hair irons on their hair. Though most of them drop the idea right away, assuming they can never get sexy hairs without using these tools. Well, I will gently say that they are wrong about it because if you put some efforts in it, then you can easily get sexy hairs without using any heating tools on your hair.

If I talk about the efforts that you will need to do to get sexy hairs without hair irons, then first you will need to make a mixture of half lime juice and 2spoon yogurt and some water. After that you will need to apply the same on your scalp with gentle massage for 2 minutes and then you need to wash it with fresh water. In case you have dry hairs, then you may need to apply some extra yogurt on your hair and you will need to wash it once again.

After this you will need to make a hair spray as well to get sexy hairs. To make this hair spray you will need to put 6 slices of lemon in a glass

and you will need to pour some water in it. Now you will have to put this glass in the microwave and heat it for one minute only. After this keep the glass in the microwave and put the cherry in this glass and stir it till you get a pink color from cherry.

Now you can remove all the solid parts of this liquid and you can fill the liquid into a spray bottle. Now you can apply this liquid on your hairs while straightening your hair and this is an assurance that you will get silky, soft, and sexy hairs with no extra efforts.

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