South London

If you are travelling to London as a tourist, then you should divide the city in four or five differnet parts and you should visit all the attraction of one part of the city at once. So, if you are visiting south London, then following are few famous attractions of south London.

Hampton Court Palace: This is one of the most magnificent tourist places of south London and you can visit this palace with your family to have the best fun. This palace has a great garden and maze structure that can be a great fun for kids and for adults as well. Other than this you will also enjoy the beautiful and magnificent palace also in your visit.

Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum: This museum is another great attraction of south London and whether you have any interest in this game or not, it will surely entertain you and you will surely enjoy your visit to this museum. In this museum you will not only find the best memorabilia’s of this game, but you will also find so much information about those things using touch screen communications.

Royal Botanic Gardens: Its name says it is only botanic gardens, but this place is also known as world heritage that makes it the most popular garden of the world. So, when you plan your south London tour, make sure you visit this place as well to enjoy the natural beauty that you can find at this place.

Along with these famous places you can find so many other great attractions also in south London that are related to history of this city and country both. And if you want to go for dining or drinking then you can get so many good restaurants and bars also in this part of the London that makes it a special place.


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