Teenagers tend to be presented in such negative light. They are rowdy, impulsive, immature and rebellious. This is the common notion that most parents will have about their teen. Unfortunately this is merely a generalization and it does not serve some children right. If you have a teen in your home, it would serve you and the child right if you treated them like an adult. 

This might not sound like such a great idea to most parents and guardians but it what your teen wants. They want to be treated like adults and allowed to make decisions for themselves. You should allow them some space to breathe and make those decisions that they want to make. This however does not free you from your responsibility of guidance. You should guide your teen son or daughter in making the right decisions concerning various things. 

Sit your child down and point out their mistakes. Tell them why something is wrong in a calm voice. Listen to the kid and try to understand their way of thinking. This is how you treat them like an adult. Do not jump to punishing or scolding. Punishments are best when a person does not recognize the mistake they made. If they know what mistake they made and apologize about it then there is no need of scolding or the punishment. 

What goes on in the mind of a teen? There are so many things, wild thoughts and fantasies that they create to escape reality. Almost all

teenagers will do this. It would help to understand what goes on in the mind of your teenage son or daughter. This does not necessarily mean that you go for counseling sessions- though it is also an option. 

Spending a significant amount of time with your teen will help you come to this understanding. The bond between you and the child will also be strengthened making it easier for the child to approach you whenever they have a problem. Living with a teen is hard but you will make it harder if you generalize their behavior as being influenced by other individuals.

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