Candida albicans are organisms that occur in the body naturally and are otherwise not harmful unless they are disturbed. It is however not uncommon to find women get yeast infection once or a few times in their lifetime with the most susceptible being women with low body immunity. Candidiasis or yeast infection occurs in the mouth, stomach, skin, urinary tract, and on the genitals. Children are mostly susceptible to candidiasis of the mouth; commonly known as oral thrush.

When a person suffers from candidiasis it is possible to experience pain or discomfort during sex and sometimes even after sex. Many women are embarrassed of engaging in sex when they have this infection without knowing that this is an illness just like any other and it needs treatment.

Sex is good and should not be avoided by all means. However, it is right that you get to inform your partner of whatever illness you are suffering from so that together you can visit the doctor for treatment.

Candidiasis is not a sexually transmitted disease so you should not shy away from letting your partner know that you are in pain. The truth is that in many cases you may pass on the bacteria to your sex partner and so to prevent recurrence of the infection it is wise that both of you get treated.

If the infection keeps recurring even after treatment it can be very uncomfortable for you and for your partner because it can really get in your way to happy sex life. Here are some of the symptoms to look for in order to tell when you have the infection.

  1. a) A smelly discharge from your vagina
  2. b) Reddishness and itchy genitals
  3. c) A burning sensation

Observe when the infection occurs mostly in order to best keep it at bay and note that the infection is very common during menstruation and during pregnancy.

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