As a parent, one of the things you should always try to do is spend some time with your child. This is something that often gives them a lot of pleasure, especially if you are the kind of parent who may not always be around to be with them. Granted, the way the world is these days means that you may not have a lot of time to do this for your child. However, denying them the pleasure of spending some time with you has more adverse effects compared to simply making some time for them, especially in the long term. This makes it a very good idea for you to at least try to ensure that you give them this opportunity.

One of the most apparent effects of denying your child the pleasure of spending time with you is the fact that they will end up not bonding with you. This might not seem like such a bad thing for most people, but in reality it is. For instance, when you and your child do not bond when they

are young, it means that as they grow older, it will be more difficult for you to control them. The fact that they will not have such a special bond with you means that it will be more difficult for them to recognize your authority, especially in teenage.

Making sure that your child has the pleasure of bonding with you therefore makes a lot of sense. In addition to it being a pleasure for them, it also ensures that in future, it will be easier for you to develop a more meaningful relationship. Doing this is also good for you as a parent as well; knowing that you sacrificed for them will actually give you pleasure rather than making you have negative feelings, especially in old age.

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